Newport is located in the state of Rhode Island, 3 hours north of New York City, 1 hour and 20 minutes south of Boston, and 30 minutes from the city of Providence.


Boston to Newport

Boston's Logan Airport has direct flights from Europe and South America.  There are four direct buses to Newport each day from Boston's airport with Peter Pan ($30).  An Uber from Boston to Newport costs around $85.  There will be regatta shuttles from Boston to Newport on select days and specific times before the regatta.  Reservations for the regatta shuttle must be made well before your trip.

Providence to Newport

Providence Airport serves many budget airlines including Southwest and Frontier, and has flights from Europe on Norwegian Air.  An Uber from the Providence airport costs around $40.  There will be some regatta transportation from Providence on select days and times.

Trains from New York, Providence, Boston

Trains run between New York, Providence, and Boston.      They are complicated if you are traveling with bags and equipment, but are good for days trips.

Getting To and From Newport